Juniper says...

Hey! Did you know that summer is almost over? I know! It's a major bummer.  Mom and Dad tell me that when I was a little baby, there was this thing called a fire in our woodstove. 
 I know, I don't believe them either.  

Dad finally decided to stop copying my hair and cut it off.  We took some pictures first though so we can remember when it looked the same and laugh about it later.  

I fell asleep a couple days ago, and when I woke up there was the ocean and my thumb to chew on.  

Then my grandma came, and mom and dad went surfing, and I fell asleep again.  

Then I got to make faces with Mom and Dad

and with my great-mimi

We went to the beach two days before the huge swell.  Never have I ever seen the beach so empty.  We were literally the only ones out in the water.  Yes the waves were small, but when you haven't surfed in, oh, a year, small waves are fun waves.  
Jury is out on the floor bed.  Awesome for naps, I'm still adjusting to nights- we'll see if it lasts.  

Happy end of summer!  

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