Wrapping: Part Two, and Three Things

First, typing on a normal keyboard after using the iPad is weird.  My fingers are all clumsy.

Second, you know how I said that we were going to reevaluate the whole wrapping thing in a few months?  Well, I lied.  

When we went to therapy on Monday we talked to our OT about the plan and she pretty much convinced us to give it a try again.  Her reasoning was that Juniper would probably not be really stoked to wear the bandages at any time, and that it might be easier to introduce them now than in a few months when she is more mobile.  

In my gut I felt like we needed to be wrapping her, which is why we started so early in the first place.  I would just hate to look back in a few years and feel like we could have/should have done more when Juniper is younger.  I think I am going to have enough of those moments, and this I can at least act on right now.  So, we all agreed to give it another go with the original technique that Juniper responded to without screaming her face off.  We brought the bandages to therapy yesterday and gave it a go.  We managed to keep them on for about an hour, took them off, and all went okay.  
I realize this is probably not as helpful as a before/after or a shot with both feet

Yesterday afternoon I tried it on my own for the second time and did what I thought was a pretty bad job.  The bandages just weren't as firm as they should be, but J was happy with them on for almost two hours.  When we took them off her leg was the smallest and softest it's gotten yet, so I was pretty pleased with myself.  I couldn't repeat those results this morning, but she only stayed wrapped for an hour again, so I am thinking that length of time may be more important than the pressure of the bandages, but we'll see.  We're also trying this stuff called turbigrip to use in between wrapping, kind of as a really lightweight compression stocking.  
It's funny, it was really hard for me to see her wrapped the first time, but I think I am starting to get used to it.  I'm also starting to get used to explaining to people why her leg is swollen and that no, she won't grow out of it, without choking up.  Progress.

Third, naps are pretty much key, friends.  

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  1. For a very long time, naps were my closest friend. Even still from time to time... I can't wait to meet her!