Winter light through the shamrock plant that's back on our coffee table now that the various holiday detritus are cleared off the top.  


We got to go on a brief camping trip at the end of our break just the three of us.  After so much family time, it was really nice to have some time to ourselves.  It got pretty cold at night, but Juniper handled it in style.  She just loves being outside so, this little one. 
Slightly different than our camping trip last year the same time.  


 Juniper was playing on her blankets yesterday afternoon.  She had a few toys in front of her, but obviously she wasn't interested in them as she rolled herself all the way across the floor to play with the dustpan and brush that I'd left there.  Dust bunnies are delicious*

*No dust bunnies were harmed during this activity

 This is what happens when you have ten people trying to take photos all at once.  Hopefully we've got some photos where we are all looking at the same camera.  
yeah, Mama, I hope so too

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  1. All of these shots are perfect! And what a little cutie!
    xo TJ