Lymphedema Treatment Act

Okay everyone, now is when I ask for your help.  
It will not take very long, I promise.  If I could write I would do it myself, but I can't yet.
I think we’ve established that it is pretty sucky that Juniper has lymphedema, but I don’t really know that we’ve established that it is also very costly.  And not always covered by insurance.  Obviously, we have jobs and will manage, but I really don’t know how many people can afford the treatment, and specifically the super-expensive compression garments on their own.  We are panicking a little bit knowing that we will probably have to pay for Juniper’s compression garments out of pocket, or at the very least battle with our insurance company to cover a portion of the cost. What is really crazy is that compression garments are not covered by Medicare.  Seriously.  
I know, it's nuts, right?
So you have someone who has very little money and expect that they will be able to pay for a $700 garment (you'd think tiny garment=less expensive, but it's not the case since tiny garments are custom sewn) on their own?  Yeah, it is probably not going to happen.  Without compression garments and proper treatment, lymphedema can become a very scary thing.  Did you know that Medicare sets the bar for what is covered by insurance companies?  So, if Medicare doesn’t cover it, then insurance companies aren’t required to cover it either. 
Friends, I’m asking that you write to your state representatives to help get legislation passed that will make sure that lymphedema treatment is covered by Medicare.  This link takes you to a site that makes it very easy.  If you’re a writer or you are so inclined, please personalize the letter by saying that you know a super-cool baby who is impacted by this disease, and you’d like to help make sure that she always has the treatment she needs available to her. 

Juniper thanks you!!!
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