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I got some sewing done for the bug over the weekend (a little subversive Halloween jumper which I'll share when it's totally finished) and I realized that I never shared these pants.  
Fabric is Cocoon by Valori Wells: Cashmere on the outer, Shine on the bum, and Metamorphosis on the lining
They are the Quick Change Trousers from Anna Maria Horner's book, Little Stitches for Little Ones, and they were the number one thing I wanted to make from the book. They came together really easily, and they were fun to put together.  

 Since we cloth diaper, I sort of followed the modifications from sew liberated for cloth diapered babies, but sort of not.  She alters the pattern to drop the rise a bit, and since you drop the rise you have to lengthen the pant leg as well.  That was just too much for me, so I just followed her advice to use a smaller seam allowance.  For the next size up, I will actually follow her directions to modify them totally because they fit Juniper over her diaper fine, but the rise is still a little bit low, and I think in the bigger sizes it will be more necessary.  

My M.O. for baby clothes seems to be to buy the craziest fabric that I can, because if you can't wear circus butterfly fabric when you're four months old, I'm not sure that you ever can.  These pants are reversible, which is awesome because of the contrast you get when you roll the legs, but also because it makes them a bit warmer, and I think more durable.  I'm going to do a flannel lined pair next, and just the idea of that makes me jealous that I can't wear crazy pants.  
Sewing for her is just so fun because it's fast (so satisfying to have something mostly finished during a nap), but also because all the pressure of whether something will look good on is pretty much off: if the pattern is cute, and I've got good fabric, things are going to work out okay.  I've done enough sewing for myself at this point that following patterns is easy, it's the fitting and actual dressmaking part that is difficult for me.  There is none of that with baby clothes, since their bodies are pretty much all the same.  You're also working with such small amounts of fabric when you sew for littles that it's not a huge waste if you screw up.    
Yesterday we were supposed to have a therapy appointment, but I screwed up the time.  Luckily we noticed before we did the hour drive, but it was still an 'ugh' moment.  Going today though!

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