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I've been pretty terrible at the blogging lately.  It's just so hard to sit at my computer when there is this cuteness to distract me.  

We go on winter break tomorrow.  It's funny how in our pre-Juniper life our breaks were always about how fast we could get out of dodge after our last commitments on campus.  Things have changed.  It's funny, before you have kids you kind of think of the whole "things change when you have a baby" idea to be something negative.  Really though, it isn't.  The rhythm of life is always changing.  Staying stagnant and doing the same thing over and over doesn't cause any growth.  I don't think we can discover our true purpose in this world unless we are constantly growing, changing and adapting.  
So, this will be a quieter break for us.  We still have plans to do some camping and day trips around SoCal, but overall we will try and embrace just being home, not having to rush out the door with everything the three of us need for a day away from home and from each other. 

The other day I was at the market and a woman was there with her three-month-old baby.  I kid you not, I almost wept while I was standing in line.  This little baby had orchestra conductor hands, and the wide-eyed stare of a tiny human just beginning to see the world around him without really knowing what any of it means.  It hit me that my baby isn't a teeny tiny anymore, and I know this is just the beginning of those moment, man is it rough!  
On the lymphedema front: we had a physical therapy appointment last week, and we met with the sales rep from Solaris.  They make a night garment that is worn instead of wrapping.  It's a big convenience, with a big price tag.  However, Solaris  does something that is pretty awesome (and from their perspective probably guarantees them a customer for life) and they offer kids under four with lymphedema one free garment a year, and if you need to buy another in the year (which with a little you probably will need to do) you pay 25% of wholesale cost.  The rep brought a sample for us to check out, and they are actually really cute.  They look like little baby ugg boots, sans sheepskin lining, and they are really soft- the same cannot be said for the lining, foam and bandages involved in wrapping.  The only weird thing about our appointment was that the rep mentioned that they recommend getting one to put on the child's good leg so 'they don't feel a difference between the two legs.'  Now, I could be wrong as Juniper can't tell me yet, but I am pretty sure that she feels a difference in her legs inherently seeing as one is about 25% bigger than the other.  Needless to say, we will not be taking following that particular recommendation.   

We are hoping that we get ours by Christmas.  Please keep your fingers crossed that Juniper likes it, because if she does, friends it would change our lives.  No more struggling to keep her still while we wrap her, and she could wear it during nap time because it is so quick to put on, and (I cannnot believe that this was not my first thought) when she is a little older she will probably be able to put it on herself.  This last point I anticipate to be a pretty big deal. 
I think it will be a big deal because Little Miss already likes to do. things. herself.  When she is eating she wants to hold the spoon and put it in her own mouth.  This creates pretty much a disaster of whatever she is eating because she isn't so good at just grabbing for the spoon handle instead of the part of the spoon with the food on it, but she is actually pretty efficient (if messy) at getting the spoon in her mouth.  We're also sitting up over here, so lots of growing and adapting and changing.  

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