This day, eight years ago, Daniel made me breakfast and proposed  (after not proposing to me when we went out for fancy French food the weekend before. Even when proposing he has to be a smart a*&).   This day, twelve years ago, Daniel and I had our first Valentine's Day date and he didn't make reservations, so we ended up eating Indian food, which was delicious.  This day, last year, Daniel was out of town, but he went home before he left and brought me up a weekend's worth of firewood and covered the counters in chocolate: in other words, pregnant lady heaven.  

Today, we have this little valentine whose sweetness knows no bounds.  No chocolate for her this year, but maybe we'll let her snack on some dust bunnies.  

Happy St. Valentine's Day, friends.  I hope your days are filled with love, good snacks, and not so much sugar that your stomach hurts, but just enough to be yummy.  


The finches are back! Spring is on its way.

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