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A blog I've read for awhile now does a Thursday linkup, and this week I thought I'd join in, mostly because I'd like to include the non-doctor related aspects of our life too.  Here goes:


We got a lot of gardening done last week, and then we've had a lot of rain (for us here) so my plants are  happy (and pretty).  I will not, however, show you the ones that the tiny fawn promptly snacked on the day after we planted them- those are decidedly not pretty.  I guess the baby didn't understand that spirea and sage are 'deer resistant.'

Kale and swiss chard seedlings.  I stupidly did not plant a vegetable garden this spring, so I'm hoping we can get a small fall harvest.  
I started cooking again!  Daniel has taken on the majority of the chef-ing in our house since I had Juniper, and I have to say I really don't know how women with husbands who don't cook manage in those first few weeks.  But, it had gotten to the point where I was just out of my cooking groove and I really just needed to get over it.  My favorite tomato and basil salad that my grandad made every summer.  Last night I even made a full meal and the sky didn't fall!  Huzzah!
Sadly, these tomatoes are not from my garden, but were delicious heirlooms from the farmers' market.  Basil was , however, from our garden


I got the bumbo potty seat this week, and it's a big hit.  I'm not a fan of the regular bumbo seats for babies, but for little EC babies this seat is awesome.  Daniel just laughs every time she's on it.  Photos do not do the hilarity justice.  


We found out after  our hour long drive and arriving at therapy that our appointment on Monday was cancelled.  
We improvised and did Juniper's massage on the table outside.  Waiting around for three hours until her next doctor's appointment wasn't super-fun, but we're done with 3 x weekly therapy appointments now so we got over it pretty quickly.  
This is actually a pretty good shot of me doing the massage on J's thigh right after we took her bandage off
So, that was pretty much our week.  I had a meeting on campus yesterday which was definitely a reality check that going back to work is coming up soon.  I should probably start prepping....


  1. Your Juniper is a sweet little thing! I hope her ailment won't turn out too bad - looks like you're a good mom. :) Love the name.

  2. What a sweetheart! So adorable!