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Well, after all that talking about it, I threw caution to the wind, went with my gut, and gave Juniper some avocado.

I don’t think love is even strong enough of a word for how she felt about it. She dove for the spoon. She smacked her lips with glee. The whole thing was very entertaining.

Then, after two days of avocado, we gave her sweet potato. Mind blown! Sweet potato made avocado look like the proverbial brussel sprout.

It’s amazing how after just two times with the spoon, she already is learning how to get the food off of it more easily.

We also tried practicing with the weaning glass. It proved to be more difficult, but mostly because she gets so excited to try and drink from it that she sort of launches herself at the glass, so it’s hard to try and help get the water in her mouth.
I'm glad we went for it.  She is really just having tastes when it comes down to it.  She is probably eating about a teaspoon or two of food total, and she nurses a normal for her amount when she is finished, but man does she seem to love it.  She gets super excited when we sit her in her high chair and set the table for her.  We ordered a Montessori weaning table for her, and we'll start using that instead of the high chair when it gets here next week. 

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